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Les additifs

Fuel additives are used in addition to fuel, in order to improve the performance of the engine: 

- Clean the engine 

- Increase power and acceleration with normal fuel – no need for expensive higher octane fuels.

- Improve the fuel economy of the vehicle.

TotalEnergies has a dedicated range of after-market fuel additives which are specially designed with race proven technologies.


Complete Engine Cleaner Gasoline​

Complete Engine Cleaner Gasoline has special detergents which clean the injection system of the engine and reduce



Complete Engine Cleaner Diesel

The advanced technology of Complete Engine Cleaner Diesel can reduce the fuel flow loss by up to 30%* and hence



Octane Booster Gasoline

Octane Booster increases the octane number of normal gasoline and boosts the power and acceleration of the engine.



Injector Cleaner Gasoline​

Injector Cleaner keeps the intake valves (injectors) clean and improves the performance of the car engine.